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3 March, 2017

PC / Mac


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Explore a strange world! Steal all the animals and keep them in the save room - the only place that doesn't reset when you die. Just don't bring explosives into the save room. Your mistakes are saved too. Uurnog is a game for Windows and macOS. It will be released on March 3 as part of Humble Monthly. The game's music is composed in a unique algorithmic program that is integrated with the game and accessible through its developer mode. This allows the music to make very unusual dynamic changes linked to what the player does in the game.

You can request a press copy of Uurnog.


Uurnog was developed by me, Nicklas Nygren. I've previously released games like NightSky and Knytt under the name Nifflas. Together with Knapnok Games I've also developed Affordable Space Adventures for Nintendo Wii U. I like creating very atmospheric games and Uurnog is no exception. This game, however, ended up much sillier and more whimsical than usual. Uurnog also features lots of character art by Corinne Cadalin. Her art was used for the chaotic neutral AI characters that show up randomly in the game and do, well, basically whatever they feel like. The game's theme music, which is also present in the gameplay trailer, was composed by Harri Dammert who releases music under the name D Fast. He has been involved in the soundtrack of most of my other games.


  • Chaotic 2D platforming
  • Make-up-your-own-solution puzzles
  • Mischievous AI Characters
  • Talking cubes voiced by 22 people
  • The cubes can say around 1650 phrases
  • (That is completely excessive for the game)
  • Custom algorithmic music software
  • Secret developer mode (Press F12 in the main menu)


Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Music Software Trailer YouTube


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download logo files as .zip (28KB)

Talking Cube Trailer

Adaptive Music Trailer

About Nifflas' Games

Under the name Nifflas, I have been developing video games since 2003. I like to focus on atmosphere and exploration, which can be seen in my games Knytt and NightSky. I enjoy working on every aspect of development but find collaborating with others much more interesting than working solo. Most recently I collaborated with Knapnok Games on a Wii U title called Affordable Space Adventures.

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Uurnog Credits

Nicklas Nygren
Game Designer

Corinne Cadalin
Character Art

D Fast
Theme Music

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks